Cambridge Charitable Foundation

photo of a couple meeting with a financial advisor

Donor Profiles.

Here is biographical information on some of the donors and the funds they established with the Cambridge Charitable Foundation.

The Abbihl-Ahrens Charitable Fund
The Albert Bommer and Goldie E. Bommer Charitable Foundation Fund
The John and Agnes Brockschmidt Charitable Fund
The Ralph A. Cushman Memorial Endowment Fund
The John Degrand and Mary Ellen Coryell Charitable Foundation Fund
Walter English and Sophie English Charitable Fund
The James A. Henry Charitable Fund
The Ralph L. Klotz and Claire Klotz Charitable Fund
The Bernadine and Edwin Light Charitable Fund
The Victoria L. Memmel Charitable Fund
Robert F. Miles Charitable Fund
Willard and Jean Mulford Charitable Fund
Joseph and Frances Jones Poetker Fund
The Charles & Ruth Randolph Fund
Elly Roedel Charitable Fund
Parke G. and Dorothy M. Smith Charitable Fund