Cambridge Charitable Foundation

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The Cambridge Charitable Foundation has given grants to the Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries in support of various programs.

Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries

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Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries has been providing vocational training and job support services for men and women with disabilities and individuals with barriers to employment since 1916. The organization also serves the needs of homeless veterans and has been providing temporary housing, employment and skills training, and other support services for veterans in need. In 2010, with assistance from Goodwill Industries International, Ohio Valley Goodwill started its GoodGuides Youth Mentoring program to assist at-risk youth as they transition from school to the workplace. The Placement Assistance Center (PAC) works to help individuals identify their vocational skills and assists them with job placement.

Ohio Valley Goodwill has been successful with its programs and services for veterans and specifically, for homeless veterans. Since the inception of its Homeless Veterans Reintegration Project in the early 1990's, more than 5,759 veterans have been served, over 4,814 have been helped with housing needs, and 3,976 individuals have been placed into community jobs.

The GoodGuides youth mentoring program is designed to serve at-risk youth in the Greater Cincinnati area and is part of a national initiative of Goodwill Industries International (GII). The primary goal of the program is to pair youth with adult mentors to help them explore job and career choices and to empower them to become contributing members of their community.

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The Placement Assistance Center (PAC) assists individuals to understand their job skills, abilities, and interests in an effort to find a job. PAC provides resources that will help conduct job searches, interview skills, and a job appropriate resume. If an individual has needs or barriers, PAC assists in referrals to agencies that may assist with the job placement process.

Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries is proud of the programs and services that it provides for the individuals that it supports and for the many years that it has offered opportunities to the Greater Cincinnati community. The Cambridge Charitable Foundation has given grants to the Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries in support of these various programs.