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Grants have been given to the Pet Portions Program.

Wesley Community Services (WCS)

This organization's Pet Portions Program began in June 2006 from evidence that their Meals-on-Wheels clients were sharing their meals with their pet. They surveyed their client base and determined that roughly 15% of their clients had a pet dog or cat. Their Pet Portions program has significantly improved the quality of life for their clients who depend on their pet(s) for companionship and safety and has been expanded to serve all of their clients. Grants have been given to the Pet Portions Program from a fund of the Cambridge Charitable Foundation since 2007.

Since 1992 Wesley Community Services has fostered and supported seniors and individuals with disabilities to remain in their home for as long as possible through the provision of essential home-based services. Their Home Care/Personal Care Services, Meals-on-Wheels and Specialized Medical Transportation services are available to seniors living in Greater Cincinnati and Boone County, Kentucky.

In 2010, 247,000 frozen nutritious meals were delivered to approximately 1,500 clients through their Meals-on-Wheels program, 950 clients used the Medical Transport services to physicians, dentists and hospital appointments for a total of 32,500 transports and the organization provided 20,854 hours of Home Care Services to approximately 340 clients.

In 2011, WCS entered into contracts with Boone and Kenton Counties, to provide nutritionally appropriate frozen meals to seniors through county payroll taxes. By mid-year, WCS will be delivering to approximately 60 Boone County and 20 Kenton County seniors. In Boone County, Wesley will be delivering the first physician-prescribed therapeutic meals available in Kentucky for seniors with diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, or for individuals with swallowing and/or chewing problems.

WCS is a contract agency to the Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio, the Hamilton County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services, and the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Services.